Everything you need to know about TEETH ON IMPLANTS®?

Are you missing teeth and sick of loose and uncomfortable dentures?

If so, TEETH ON IMPLANTS® could be your ideal solution!

Here at the Australian Dental & Implant Group, we are delighted to offer our patients a permanent dental implant solution, that is changing smiles and lives by giving you the natural, beautiful smile you deserve!


TEETH ON IMPLANTS® are dental implants that can support a whole arch of teeth using only four implants. This can be used on either the upper or lower jaw and immediately replaces missing teeth.

They are made up of titanium implants inserted into each jaw. These implants act as a foundation for a bridge. A fixed set of teeth, which will look like your natural teeth, are then added to the implants, replacing your teeth.

The procedure uses an implant supported bridge to completely replace all your missing and damaged teeth, and give you back a perfect looking smile with all the functionality you can expect from a set of normal and healthy teeth. The fixed bridge is a permanent and long-term solution that requires very little maintenance and less care than removable dentures.


  • Eat and speak with ease and confidence
  • Efficient treatment and recovery time
  • Minimal maintenance
  • They don’t require any special care or maintenance other than regular daily cleaning with a toothbrush and floss.
  • Unlike other implant approaches, you will have no gap between the gum line giving you a more comfortable fit
  • They can be fitted on the same day as extraction, which means a single visit is possible
  • Secure placement deep in the jawbone, means they won’t shift or loosen
  • It doesn’t require any bone grafts, which would add to the total cost
  • You can enjoy a comfortable dental experience with sedation during your surgery
  • Affordable compared to other options

Worried about what they’ll look like?

Don’t be!

At all our practices we offer Digital Smile Design, which means you can see your final smile before we even lay a finger on you.

Our highly experienced and skilled dentists will take photos, X-rays, and digital impressions of your mouth. This data is then entered into a software that generates a digital library of smiles which will be placed over your teeth, letting you see different shapes and colours of teeth that will suit your smile best!

Local Leaders in TEETH ON IMPLANTS®

Our dentists are leader local leaders and expert in the field of implantology with our practices on the Central Coasts being the only ones to offer TEETH ON IMPLANTS®.

Our very own Dr Ned Restom is also a founder of the Australasian Implant Academy (AIA), who teach other dentists’ skills in implants. So, you know you are in safe, professional hands.

Payment Plans are available

We offer various financial plans that you can read about here.

You can even pay for your treatment using your superannuation!

Depending on your superannuation fund you are with, you are allowed access to a lump sum to pay out-of-pocket expenses for crucial dental treatments for yourself or your dependents.

Read more about it here.

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Please note

Every patient is slightly different and has unique needs and it is impossible to ascertain suitability or the exact treatment or cost without an assessment by one of our dental implant experts.

All surgical procedures carry risks, including infection. These treatments do not apply and cannot be performed on everyone. A process of thorough examination and assessment are required, and the outcomes may vary depending on multiple factors.