Fear of the dentist? Discover pain-free techniques at Smile On Clinics

Are you anxious or scared about a visit to the dentist? You’re not alone, but the experts at Smile On Clinics are here to reassure you. Most people are at least a little bit concerned about going to the dentist, and some put off dental treatment completely because of this fear. Don’t wait until you’re in pain and/or require much more complex dental treatment, come and see our friendly clinicians today! 

Smile on Clinics are your trusted sleep dentistry and sedation experts and comprise of a network of respected and established dental practices across the Central Coast, Sydney, Newcastle and beyond including Avoca Beach Dental, Mingara Dental & Implant Centre, Saratoga Dental, Warnervale Dental, Empire Bay Dental, Bonnells Bay Dental, Tailored Teeth Burwood and Poynton Place Dental & Implant Centre in Thornton, Maitland. 

Reasons why patients fear the dentist 

The fear of the dentist can have several origins, the most common ones we hear about include: 


This is caused by previous negative experiences, usually stemming from a time before the technological advances we have today, which make the procedures practically painless. 


Because the mouth is a very intimate part of the body, some patients feel as if they are being invaded when undergoing a dental appointment or procedure. 

Others feel ashamed of their oral situation. And some people are embarrassed due to the necessary proximity between them and the professional during the service. 

Fear of pain 

Even if you haven’t gone through any trauma, many patients are terrified of feeling pain during treatment, especially at the time of application of anaesthesia. 

How to overcome your fear of the dentist 

In our experience of more than 20 years of caring for patients of different ages and needs, the Smile On Clinics practitioners have had the opportunity to help people to overcome this fear. 

Open dialogue with the dentist can help 

Regardless of the cause, it’s always important that there is open and honest dialogue in order to understand each patient’s needs and ensure that they feel safe, confident, and well informed about the procedure. 

Not going to the dentist increases oral health risks 

Many patients avoid going to the dentist as much as possible because of their fear, sometimes going years without a routine appointment or leaving it until there is no other alternative, which increases the risk of more serious problems. 

There are also other problems that can arise as a result of infections that start in the mouth, and if these are not treated, they can spread to other regions. Infections end up generating more serious problems such as infective endocarditis (infection of the inner lining of the heart), as an example. 

Clear and comprehensive explanation about treatment 

In the dialogue with the dentist, the patient needs to have all of their doubts clarified. It is essential to understand what causes this fear and, together, decide the most comfortable way to carry out the recommended treatment.  

Building a relationship of trust eliminates the fear 

Building a relationship of trust, respect, transparency, and empathy with the patient helps in eliminating fear and anxiety. The dental practitioners at Smile On Clinics are committed to achieving this with their patients. 

In addition, it is essential that the patient understands the importance of prevention, and that going to the dentist periodically will keep their oral health up to date and minimise the risk of more complex dental treatment being required. 

Advances in dentistry have made treatments more comfortable 

We always explain to nervous patients that dentistry has undergone many advances in recent years, which have made dental treatments increasingly comfortable. There are countless possibilities for painless procedures and Smile On Clinics offers a range of sedation options. 

The cause that usually generates the most fear in patients is feeling pain at the time of anaesthesia. But fortunately, today, we have access to technologies that aim to make this moment as painless and comfortable as possible. 

No trauma, no discomfort 

Dental techniques have advanced a lot in recent years and currently allow patients to have a beautiful, healthy smile without going through pain, trauma, or discomfort. 

All this technology, combined with a good dialogue with your dentist, will make pain a thing of the past and allow you to smile again without fear and with much more confidence. 

Sedation options at Smile on Clinics 

At Smile On Clinics, not only do we offer convenient in-chair sleep dentistry and sedation during dental treatment, we are now also working with some of the best anaesthetists and nurses to deliver excellence, operating on a weekly basis at the Brisbane Waters Private Hospital

In-chair professional sedation services 

For patients wanting to have their treatments performed within the dental practice, we regularly perform surgical procedures in the dental chair using sedation and sleep dentistry techniques to make your dental treatment calm and comfortable. 

No procedure is too small for this process. If you are a patient who is too anxious to even have a dental clean, then sedation can definitely help you. 

The most common procedures performed under dental sedation are: 

  • Wisdom teeth extractions 
  • Tooth extractions 
  • Fillings 
  • Implants 

However, any dental procedure can be performed under dental sedation. 

General anaesthetic at the private hospital 

Some patients prefer to be completely under for surgical procedures, and we are pleased to be able to offer such an option. We also have highly complex cases where we recommend treatment to be completed under general anaesthetic. 

General anaesthetic facilities are available at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital, allowing us to deliver quality dental surgery – including full arch rehabs (we perform these weekly) and implants almost every day! 

Patients can also receive the amazing aftercare that the lovely nurses at Brisbane Waters Private Hospital provide. 

If you’ve been putting off dental treatment because you are anxious or worried about pain, don’t be! We have the ideal solution to suit your individual requirements and ensure your experience is as comfortable and pain-free and possible. 

Contact us and ask our friendly and highly experienced team about it today!

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