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Central Coast’s Biggest Step Challenge is Back!

In a time when moving more is extremely important for our mind and body, one local doctor is encouraging the Central Coast to participate in his annual #MoveAgainstCancer Step Challenge this September! Dr Ash Bowden, also known to the community as Doctor Do More, is on a mission to get people exercising and moving more …

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customs 4 cancer dr ned restom

Customs 4 Cancer

Customs 4 Cancer are three mates who are passionate about two things, custom vehicles (cars and bikes) and raising much-needed funds for cancer research. Their goal is to raise $1 million for Cancer Council Australia.

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central coast dentists

Central Coast Dentists Move Against Cancer

With our own Principal Dentist, Dr Ned Restom being a lucky survivor of his own cancer battle, along with so many of us being touched by cancer in some way, we are thrilled to be involved in the Central Coast’s biggest step challenge raising funds for cancer research.

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dry mouth and diabetes

Dry Mouth and Diabetes

Do you have a dry feeling in the throat or a burning or tingling sensation in the mouth and especially on the tongue? Do you have a dry, red, raw tongue? problems speaking or trouble tasting, chewing, and swallowing?

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10 Tips for a Better Night’s Sleep

Unfortunately, for many Central Coast residents, getting a regular good night sleep is just a dream. For a growing number of couples, snoring and sleep apnoea have become part of their nightly routine and it’s contributing to a serious lack of quality shut eye across the Coast, Australia and globally.

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