Dry Mouth and Diabetes

Do you have a dry feeling in the throat or a burning or tingling sensation in the mouth and especially on the tongue?

Do you have a dry, red, raw tongue? problems speaking or trouble tasting, chewing, and swallowing?

You may have a condition known as dry mouth!

One of the most common symptoms of diabetes is dry mouth, or xerostomia. Dry mouth is a common symptom in both type 1 and type 2 diabetes. But you can also have dry mouth if you don’t have diabetes.

What causes dry mouth?

People with diabetes are more susceptible to dry mouth and yeast infections such as thrush because of high glucose levels in their blood and saliva. Other causes include dehydration, smoking and some medication.

Could you have dry mouth?

Symptoms of dry mouth:Dry mouth occurs due to a reduced amount of saliva in your mouth.
The symptoms of dry mouth include:

  • a rough, dry tongue
  • a lack of moisture in the mouth
  • frequent pain in the mouth
  • cracked and chapped lips
  • sores in the mouth
  • infections in the oral cavity
  • difficulty with swallowing, talking, or chewing

If you suspect that you have dry mouth it is advised that you see your dentist.

Regular cleaning can improve your oral health, which may also have a positive impact on dry mouth.

Managing diabetes is a lifelong commitment, and that includes proper dental care. Your efforts will be rewarded with a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums.

Please also remember to inform your dentist if you do have diabetes, our team are here to support you and help keep you healthy and well starting with the health of your smile.

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